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How to Succeed in Science 7


Parents: The following is a thorough list of what to do if your child is not performing as you would like. Please:

  • Encourage your child to develop habits of responsibility. I assess primarily on effort, and grades are often a reflection of a student's ability to follow directions (both written and oral) and turn in assignments on time. If your child is doing poorly, it is almost certainly due to deficiency in one or more of these areas.
  • Encourage your child to be responsible and turn in all work on time! Late assignments receive a maximum of half credit. In later years, many teachers will give no credit for late work, thus, the students need to develop habits of responsibility and organization now.
  • Encourage your child to do extra credit reports (in their own handwriting with sources cited)! I have a liberal extra credit policy, and bonus work has been offered to all the students interested in raising their grade.
  • Encourage your child to come for tutoring--I want them to succeed! I am available for tutoring on a daily basis before school, during lunch, and after school (except for the days when I have an afternoon meetings--about once every two weeks).
  • Check that your child is doing their work! The best ways to monitor your child's science assignments and academic progress are to view the daily planner your child should be maintaining, as well as review the grade printouts when you sign them. Your signature is an acknowledgement that you have reviewed their assignments and grades to date.

If you have a 'quick' question or positive comment, please feel free to email. If your question requires an 'involved' response, or if you have a critical comment to make, please call me directly at 549-8840 x 1254. I will continue to try my best to educate your child, and augment their understanding, and appreciation, for science. Thank you for your support!

-Mr. Finley, Science