Parent Involvement


There are a variety of ways in which parents/guardians may participate in their child's science education. The following are some suggestions to help your child to succeed in my class!

• Parents should keep track of their child’s homework calendar for Science, encouraging them to complete all assignments with high quality and timeliness.

• Parents should review and sign all hardcopy computer grade printouts for Science. These printouts will reflect your child’s assignment grades and overall academic grade, and will be passed out approximately every final Friday of each month.

• Parents should call me directly with any comments, questions, or concerns about their child.

• Parents should encourage your child to attend my tutoring should they not be ‘performing’ as you would like.

• Parents should encourage their child to attend class, be on time, and, in the event of an legitimate absence, get the homework assignments from a friend or the website.

• Parents are encouraged to follow the school’s recommendations for reading at home and set aside a quiet place and time for students to complete homework.

• Parents should encourage and enable children to participate in non-classroom activities.

• Parents should attend all Curriculum Faires/Open Houses and receive important information regarding this class.

• Parents should encourage their child to learn real-life applications of science by reading science-centered literature and watching educational channels.

• Parents should keep abreast of programs available and students’ special achievements via the school newsletter.

• Parents should become active participants in their child’s schooling, maintaining a daily open dialogue with the student, and volunteering with team outings/fieldtrips.

Thank you for your continued support!