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2008 - 2009


Mrs. Sullivant
Bldg. C - Room 202

I’m strict about scholarly enthusiasm, respect for everyone, conscientious preparation, and common courtesy. I’m also crazy about humor, games, and the arts. So while I’ll hold you to the highest standards of behavior, I also want you to love history as much as I do. Remember - class atmosphere starts with you!

Curriculum: This class is based on the California state history standards. In order to meet those standards, you’ll work individually, with a partner, and within a study group. You will have both short-term and long-term projects.

Please purchase these ASAP. They must be brought every day to class.
*2 70-page College-Ruled Spiral Notebooks (1 per semester)
* 2 Ink Pens - Black or Dark Blue only - no colors
* 1 Red Pen or Pencil
* 1 Glue Stick &/or Roll of Tape
* These items may be purchased in class the first 2 weeks of school
1 Set of Highlighters (at least 3 colors)
1 Sm. Set of Colored Pencils or Crayons - optional
White-Out Correction Tape - optional
Lined Notebook Paper


Weekly Work List: You’ll receive a Weekly Work List the first day of every school week. It lists your assignments for the week and is your reminder of what is due at the next class. It will also help you make-up assignments when you’re absent. Bring your WWL to every class meeting; when there is a change in due dates or assignments you will be asked to write those changes on the WWL. You can also write details for each assignment on the back. The WWL is also on the history page (“Wkly Work Lists”) of Sullivant’s website.

Homework: Homework consists of assignments that are begun in class and finished at home. The amount of homework you will have depends upon how much you complete during the class period. This work will be verbally assigned and explained during class, written on the board each day and given to you on the Weekly Work List (WWL). It will also be listed on the Sullivant Website.
It is your responsibiity to obtain this information and do the required work by the due date.

Late Work (not due to absence): In accordance with school policy for 8th grade, work turned in 1 day late during 1st semester will receive a mandatory 50% penalty. During second semester, late work is not accepted for credit. If you have a valid excuse for not having your work, talk to me privately before or after class. A parent’s note does not automatically excuse you from the work, especially long-term work for which you were given several days. There are rare occasions when late work will be accepted, but you must speak to me about the situation as soon as you can. The goal is to be fair to ALL students.

Participation: Studying American history includes participation in relevant activities that help you to understand the events, documents, and personalities involved in the shaping of our nation. Frequent absences or non-participation limits your understanding and may result in a lower grade. “Make-up” work is a poor substitute for actually “being there.”

Attendance: Most absentee work is due within 3 days of your return. Long absences may require special arrangements. When returning from an absence, it is YOUR responsibility to get the WWL, check to see what you missed, ask for explanations or handouts, do the work, and submit it to me within 3 days. Participating in class activities is impossible to make up and will therefore receive a 59% UNLESS you ask me for an alternative assignment. Long-term projects must be submitted on the due date, even if you are absent. Just have a classmate bring your work to school. The purpose of this policy is to be fair to students who work hard to make a deadline, as opposed to a student who might stay home to finish a project due to poor planning or lack of diligence. For group projects, you must notify your group (and me) if you are going to be absent on the due date.

Extended Absences: If you will be out for a long time, consult the website or a classmate for assignments and try to do as much as you can while you are gone. In cases of prolonged illness, have your work sent home so you can keep up and you won’t feel overwhelmed upon your return. In some cases, assignments may be altered or shortened by special arrangement. If you plan to miss school for at least 5 days, your parents must request a contract in advance, and assignments then must be submitted upon return.

Interactive Notebook: Your I.N. should be a spiral notebook with 70 college-ruled pages. It should be used only for history class. You’ll need all 70 pages, so don’t tear out any pages. ALL WORK in your I.N. must be IN PEN OR TYPED. The right side pages are for “data” and include notes and other written work. The left “processing” sides show evidence of your understanding of the material. Your left side pages should show your OWN understanding of the material and should not resemble the work of other students. One I.N. is sufficient each semester, but if you decide to start a new one for any reason, keep the old one, as you will need it to study for the final exam.

Exams: There will be a final exam in June. Before the final, there will be unit exams, announced quizzes, and pop quizzes to assess your understanding of the course work. If you do the required reading and assignments and if you participate during class, these tests are not difficult. If you are absent for a test, you must take it upon your return. There are NO RETAKES on any exam or quiz. All exams must be IN PEN. If you need special writing accommodations for essay or short answer responses, you may use the computers available in the classroom.

Projects & Papers: Typing is mandatory on long-term projects and compositions. Your work should be already printed and ready to submit when you enter class. If you need access to a computer, be sure to arrange to use one before or after school. [A last-minute computer problem does not excuse you from any assignment. If you have such problems, submit your assignment in ink, and talk to me privately about typing it later.] During second semester you will research a Civil War topic in which you’ll locate sources, take notes, transform notes into text with academic citations, and prepare a formal appendix. You’ll have plenty of time and teacher guidance to complete this assignment. It counts heavily on your final grade.

Help After School: If you’re having difficulty, I am here after school at least 2 days every week. You can also come in after school to finish work on group projects or to use the classroom computers. Be sure to check with me in advance to make sure I am here the days you want to stay.
Parent Communication/Conferences: I send home information requiring a parent signature. Give the memo to your parents on the day you get it, get it signed, and return it to me the next class. Failure to do so will result in a lower citizenship grade. (Forged signatures result in a referral.)
I welcome parent contact. Parents can e-mail me to make an appointment for a conference or to clarify homework.


Academic: Percentage grades are assigned to all work. Complex, lengthy, and long- term assignments carry more weight than short, relatively simple ones. Grades are done using a computer program. You’ll get a printout of your current grade at least once every 3 weeks. If you or your parents want an update at any time, you can request a printout. You can also use the Parent Connection online site, but be advised that grades may not be current at the time you are checking.


100-91= A
90= A-
89= B+
88-81= B
80= B-
79= C+
78-71= C
70= C-
69= D+
68-61= D
60= D-

Citizenship: Refer to attached rubric for explanation of the standards.
Extra Credit is NOT available. Submit your work on time, always do your best and you won’t need “extra” work. Do not ask for extra credit to raise your grade.

Missing Work receives a ZERO. An absence, even if valid, does NOT excuse you from the work. It is YOUR responsibility to get the work and do it. If you are absent on the day of a scheduled quiz or exam, be prepared to take the test upon return. You may be required to stay after school to make up missing class work or tests. This is NOT a punishment, but an opportunity to get caught up without missing the work that is currently assigned during class time. If you are truant on a quiz or exam day, you may not have the opportunity to make up the test.

Academic Honesty: You learn by doing your OWN work. Copying from another student, obtaining answers that are not your own work, or copying directly from
a source without citing the author is dishonest and will result in a grade of ZERO. This refers to homework, class work, quizzes, and exams. Allowing another student to copy your work is also dishonest and will merit similar consequences. In EVERY case of academic dishonesty, citizenship grades will be lowered, and other negative consequences may occur depending on the severity of the situation.

Use this Site to communicate with me and to access assignment information.

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I have read the syllabus for Mrs. Sullivant’s History 8 class and understand the policies, requirements, and curriculum. I have also read the Citizenship Grade Rubric and understand the standards for citizenship grading.

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