Opportunity Replacement Assignment

(This will be assigned and explained in class just prior to winter break)

U.S. History - Mrs. Sullivant

Are you disappointed with one of your quiz scores or assignment grades?You have the opportunity to replace it with a score of 85-100, just in time for semester grades!


Have someone snap a photo of you reading your history text book!

Sound easy? There's more ~

• You must be reading your text in an unusual setting or while doing something unusual.

• Your photo should contain a clever caption

• Your picture must be at least 2" x 4" and no larger than 5" x 8"

Also ~

• You cannot use a "virtual reality" photo. It must be YOU in the ACTUAL setting.

• Your photo must be in good taste.Attire, activity, and/or location must be appropriate for classroom display. No photos of anything illegal or immoral!

What will you earn?

This assignment can replace a MINOR assignment or quiz between now and January 27. It could also add points to your Interactive Notebook grade. The score will be used where it benefits YOU most. Mrs. Sullivant will be more specific about this element when she explains this in class.

Will all replacement assignments earn a grade of 100%?

To get 100%, it must meet the requirements and NOT duplicate ideas from other students.

What if your photo is very similar to someone else's?

If it is too similar to another student's, the first one submitted will earn the higher score, and subsequent entries will earn a score of 85% to 95% based on teacher evaluation.

What if your photo does not meet the size requirements or does not have a caption?

No points. Sorry. You have to follow directions.

Why should you do it if it's not required?

It's a great "insurance policy" just in case you need a few extra percentage points to improve your semester grade. AND it's fun.