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About Mrs. Sullivant

Joyce Sullivant is a native of San Diego County. She was born in the Dark Ages (really?) and grew up in the South Bay area. Prior to obtaining a teaching credential, she held a variety of positions, including reconcilement bank clerk, library technician, wardrobe consultant, and columnist for a small local newspaper. She loved the music of her youth, especially the folk music movement, and performed with her sister in a duo in the 60's. While living in Korea for two years, she taught conversational English to professionals, Korean army officers, and university students. Before coming to Marshall Middle School in 2002, Mrs. Sullivant taught at Pacific Beach Middle School for 12 years. Currently she teaches 8th grade American History and Introduction to Theatre Arts.


Mrs. Sullivant graduated from Sweetwater High School, as did her mother, aunt, sister, and two daughters. Go Red Devils!

She attended San Diego State University during the turbulent 1960's where she earned a B.A. degree with a double major in Social Science and Fine Arts with an emphasis on sociology and music. During this period at S.D.S.U. she formed many lasting relationships with students in the drama department, thus continuing her interest and love of the theater arts.

Sullivant's Master's Degree from the Univ. of Calif. is in Curriculum Design, where her M.A. Thesis on middle school expository composition currently gathers dust on the shelves of the U.C.S.D. Library. Check it out!

Mrs. Sullivant currently holds a multiple subject credential as well as supplemental authorizations in history, English, and music. She received her certification to teach gifted students from U.C.S.D. and also holds certification in S.D.A.I.E. education. She is certified to teach English, history, music, fine arts, and drama through the N.C.L.B. Act.


Mrs. Sullivant believes she found her life's purpose when she started teaching in 1990. She has taught 6th grade math, English, and social studies, all-grade chorus, drama, music appreciation, journalism, and 8th grade English and history. She currently teaches 3 periods of 8th grade U.S. History and 2 periods of Introduction to Theatre Arts. Sullivant says that her philosophy of teaching can be found in the words of poet William Butler Yeats who said, "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."

She hopes to light a few metaphorical fires at Marshall and show her students the richness and excitement of studying our nation's history as well as the richness that theatre brings into our lives. "My idea of a teacher," she says, "is not one who knows all the answers, but who asks the intriguing questions."

"Let me light

your fire. . ."


2008-2009 Sullivant Schedule

(see Marshall's Website for explanation of rolling block schedule)

Periods 1, 2, & 3 are History Classes.

Periods 5 & 6 are Theatre Classes

Monday: Advisory, 1, 2, 3, Lunch, 4, 5, 6

Tuesday: 1, 2, Lunch, 3, 4

Wednesday: 5, 6, Lunch, 1, 2

Thursday: 3, 4, Lunch, 5, 6

Friday: 6, 5, 4, Lunch, 3, 2, 1


HEY - Teachers are people too!

Dancing ~ Jitterbug, Salsa, Latin Ballroom, just to name a few

Theater and film, especially musicals and classics from the 40's

Party games, especially charades and "Wise and Otherwise"


My hubby, retired Master Chief, USN, Larry Sullivant


Our Kids

Caren, 32, MA Stanford, contemporary artist, on faculty UCSC

Kevin, 31, U.S. Navy, working in aviation Pennsacola, FL

Chrissy, 30, PhD Duke Univ., on faculty McKendree College, Illinois

Seth, 29, PhD Berkeley, Harvard fellow, on faculty N.C. State Univ.


Our Kitty Cats

Baxter Leroy, KGB (Kitty Gone Bad)

Trudy Louise (Don't Hate Me Cuz I'm Beautiful)



Favorite book of all time:

The Call of the Wild by Jack London

Favorite recent book:

Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende

Favorite recent author

Elizabeth Berg

Favorite Music:

Soft Jazz, Mozart, Broadway Tunes,

and ANYTHING by The Beatles

Favorite thing to do Saturday morn:

Hang out in flannel jammies, drink coffee, and listen to show tunes

Favorite Things to Collect:


Kitty Cucumber Porcelains

Miniature San Francisco Cable Cars

Favorite Food:

My husband's apple pie with a huge cup of Starbucks cafe latte


"me make good pie for woman"

Favorite Actors:

Montgomery Clift

Cary Grant

Favorite Plays:

The Rainmaker

Our Town



Favorite Actresses:

Katharine Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn

Favorite Films: TOO MANY to name...a few are:

"The Philadelphia Story"

"Gaslight" "The Graduate"

"The Godfather"

"Tootsie" "Apollo 13"

"Gone With The Wind" (despite historical inaccuracies)

EVERYTHING directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Donald O'Connor

Favorite Musical Actors:

Jane Powell & Howard Keel

Gene Kelly

Favorite Musicals on Stage:

Kiss Me Kate


Guys and Dolls

Recent Favorites: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Spamalot !

West Side Story

Favorite Musicals on Film:

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

An American in Paris