A Flip Chart Project for History 8 - Period 2 - Mrs. Sullivant

DUE DATE: Periods 1 & 3:

on or before Friday, November 18 at the beginning of your class period.

DEADLINE: May be submitted on Mon., November 20 before 7:40 AM with a 15% penalty
Projects submitted after 7:40 AM on November 20 will be scored at teacher’s discretion.

DUE DATE: Period 2:

on or before Friday, November 14 at the beginning of your class period.

DEADLINE: May be submitted on Mon., November 17 before 7:40 AM with a 15% penalty
Projects submitted after 7:40 AM on November 17 will be scored at teacher’s discretion.


This project meets History Standard 8.1. Its purpose is to learn the causes of the American Revolution and to demonstrate your understanding of the events that led to rebellion.

You must bring your work to school every day to work on the project in class. Do NOT leave your work “at home.” Both your academic and citizenship grade depend on your work ethic throughout this project. If you are using a computer, bring your work to school on a flash drive.


1) Title Page - MUST include
The Name of your Flip Chart (a creative title)
YOUR Name and Class Period
Graphics and/or Illustrations

2) 5 Event Pages - Choose 5 events that caused the American Revolutionary War.
Each event must be explained in text and in illustration.
TEXT: Each event should be explained IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Make sure you understand what you are writing about. DO NOT COPY WORD FOR WORD FROM YOUR SOURCES.
ILLUSTRATION: Each event must be illustrated with a caption in your own words that explains it.
You may download internet images, make copies from a book, or draw your own pictures.

3) A 6TH Event Page. Every Flip Chart will contain a final page on Lexington & Concord. This page has the same requirements as the other 5 event pages.

4) Bibliography: On the back or last page of the project, you must list the sources (at least 3) you used. You must cite at least 2 sources for each event. You may use internet sources ONLY for visuals, not text. Sources for visuals do NOT need to be included in bibliography.

1. This chart takes time and patience. Start early. Don’t wait until the last minute.
2. PROOFREAD your project for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.
3. If you are typing your project, use Times New Roman font at size 14, or something similar. Stick with one style. It usually looks messy and thrown-together if you mix fonts, typing, and handwriting. If you are NOT typing your paper, it must be printed or written NEATLY on UNLINED paper. You must get special permission from the teacher to submit a non-typed project.
4. The finished product should look like a book, not a messy bunch of stapled notebook pages.

The Flip Chart consists of sheets of paper that are graduated in size and have topic headings at
the bottom or side of each one. The pages should be carefully measured and cut.
The top (or side) must be secured with clips, staples, rings, or professional binding strips.
(Staples or Kinko’s will bind it for you for a few bucks). The size is up to you. Just make sure that if you choose to make a very small chart, you must still include all of the important information about each event. If you make a very large chart, you should not have too much empty space on the pages.

GRADING: Your Flip Chart will be graded as follows:

1 - Introduction page: 4 points
Do you have a descriptive title?
Is your name and class period on the page?
Is the presentation style acceptable?

2 - Historical Accuracy/Clarity: 30 points
Did you choose a significant event?
Did you make the event clear to the reader?
Did you phrase it clearly in your own words?

3 - Historical Completeness: 30 points
Did you use other sources besides class notes?
Did you include ALL the important parts of the event?

4 - Visual Explanation: 18 points
Does your visual help to explain the event?
Does your visual add to the overall effect of the chart?
Does your visual show effort and/or creativity
Is there a caption explaining the visual?

5 - Reference Page: 8 points
Do you follow the proper form, as explained in class?
Do you have at least 3 references?

6 - Presentation & Construction: 10 points
Sturdy? Bound Well? Well-made Pages? Colorful?
Easy to Read? Well-planned? Effort shows?