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Syllabus Addendum

G.A.T.E. Cluster Classes


Teaching & Learning Methods:

Students will be encouraged to select a variety of challenging ways to
meet the standards and will be offered more choices in individual assignments so that “multiple intelligences” are addressed. Projects may include visual constructions, partner presentations, approved collaborations, and dramatizations. Students will be challenged to use a variety of strategies to achieve their potential in all units of study. Depending on student needs, some units may be compacted or expanded to focus on depth and complexity.

Optional - Jr. Model United Nations:
JMUN is offered to all 7th and 8th grade students who choose to participate. JMUN offers a rewarding and memorable experiential simulation focusing on real world issues and politics. Participants in the after-school club and the two-day competition in the spring receive special credits in their history classes for their active participation.

What if Cluster is TOO difficult?

Students are placed in Cluster classes because testing indicates they have potential for success in this setting. Cluster classes are not necessarily more difficult, nor do they necessarily require more work; they are, however, qualitatively different. If students are having difficulty keeping up with the demands, however, they are encouraged to stay after school with Mrs. Sullivant to seek clarifications, and/or guidance. The classroom will also be open after school at least two days each week for students to work on individual and group projects. Arrangements should be made in advance for after school work or teacher assistance.

G.A.T.E. News For Parents:
If you are new to Marshall’s program for the gifted and talented, you are encouraged to attend the Parent Meeting held every fall. Watch for the date to be announced in school communications. This meeting explains our program and how your child fits into it. If your child is “Seminar Identified,” please watch for the high school program application which will be sent home late in the fall. More information can be obtained from the site counselors, GATE Team leader, and Seminar Coordinator.

Should you need more GATE information, you can also access the district’s GATE web site.: Marshall Middle School