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Weekly Work List
U.S. History - Sullivant

June 8 - June 15

MONDAY- June 8
Bring Interactive Notebook
Review for Final Exam

TUESDAY - June 9
Final Exam

THURSDAY - June 11
(Friday Schedule)
Final Exam Makeups
Yearbook Distribution
Final Crown Awards & Prizes

FRIDAY - June 12
(Thursday Schedule)
Review Final Exam Grades
Project Evaluations
Final Grade Distribution

MONDAY June 15
Congratulations! Promotion Ceremony.
Assignment: Have a GREAT summer!

June 1 - June 5

MONDAY - June 1
Project Plan due today
Print visuals - Type information
How to do Bibliography -due tomorrow

Bibliography checked
Print visuals - Type information

Print visuals - Type information
Glue information on Poster Board

FRIDAY - June 5
Finish Project - due end of period

May 26 - May 29

List of Visuals due today
Continue making bib cards & note cards

Continue making bib cards & note cards
Note Cards DUE FRIDAY (Minimum 8)
How to do your Project Plan - due Monday

FRIDAY - May 29
8 Note Cards due today
Continue research

May 18- 22

MONDAY - May 18
“Roots” Project due today
Reading / Research / More Bib Cards, if needed
Work on List of Visuals - due May 26
Work on Note Cards - due May 2

Read, research, Note Cards, Visual List, Bib Cards

Read, research, Note Cards, Visual List, Bib Car

FRIDAY - May 22
Read, research, Note Cards, Visual List, Bib Cards

May 26: List of Visuals due
May 29: Note Cards due
June 1: Plan due
June 2: typed Bibliography due

MAY 11-15

MONDAY - May 11
Project Topic choices
Project Directions
Project Samples

Interactive Notebook Return
How to do Bib Cards
Work on Bib Cards - 3 due Fri.
How to do Note Cards
Work on Notecards - due May 29

Work on Bib Cards - 3 due Fri.
Work on Note Cards
How to do List of Visuals
Civil War Exam Return
Crown Awards

FRIDAY - May 15
Bib Cards Graded
Work on Note Cards
Work on List of visuals - due May 26

May 11: Topic Choice
May 15: 3 Bib Cards Due
May 26: List of Visuals Due
May 29: Note Cards Due
June 1: Visual Plan Due
June 2; Typed Bibliography Due
June 5: Completed Project Due

May 4-8

Students who are absent this week (NOT on the East Coast Trip) will need to make arrangements to rent the video "Roots" and watch the first three episodes. The final project related to the video is due May 18.

MONDAY - May 4
Watch "Roots"
Complete Journal Entries for "Roots" Episode

Watch "Roots"
Complete Journal Entries for "Roots" Episode

Watch "Roots"
Complete Journal Entries for "Roots" Episode

FRIDAY - May 8
Watch "Roots"
Complete Journal Entries for "Roots" Episode
Final Discussion
Final Journal Paper due Monday, May 18. It should include 4 daily journals plus the final five-paragraph paper

April 27 - May 1

Week’s Testing Schedule
7:40-10:25 Testing (History)
10:30-2:20 Per. 1, Lunch, Period 2, 3

7:40-10:25 Testing (Science)
10:30-11:30 Per. 4, Lunch, Period 5, 6

THURSDAY: Adv, 1-6
FRIDAY: Min Day, 6-1     

MONDAY - April 27
Go over Civil War Causes Exam
Finish CW Reading Packet - Leaders, etc.
Q&A This assignment can be done IN CLASS - due Wednesday

1. Why did Lincoln at first allow slavery to exist?
2. Why was Lincoln re-elected in 1864?
3. What early battle, led by Sherman, was a Union disaster? Why was Sherman’s capture of Atlanta a critical battle?
4. Why did Lincoln fire McClellan?
5. Why was Jefferson Davis frustrated by the Southern states who had elected him President?
6. What happened to Grant, Davis & Lee after the war?
7. What happened to S. Jackson at Chancellorsville?
8. Who were the “Buffalo Soldiers”?
9. What was the 54th?
10. How did the Emancipation Proclamation change the meaning of the war? Why didn’t it free any slaves?
11. Who were “drummers” and the signal corps?
12. Name the 2 roles women had on the battlefield.
13. Why were Clara Barton & Dorothea Dix important?

Turn in Q&A
Review Civil War & Reconstruction for quiz
I.N. p. 129 - Civil War/Recon. Title Page-due Fri.
Prepare I.N. for Grading - due Friday
Study for Quiz on Civil War

THURSDAY - April 30
Quiz - Civil War

FRIDAY - May 1 - Minimum Day
Turn in I.N. for grading
Quiz Makeups
Introduction to Research Project

April 20-24
MONDAY - April 20
Submit Jackson Letter Rewrites
Discuss & Submit C.W. Q&A and Map
Lecture: Reconstruction

Finish Lecture: Reconstruction
Reconstruction Worksheet
Review for Monday’s Social Studies Test

THURSDAY - April 23
Review for Monday’s Social Studies Test

Testing Schedule:

7:40-8:00 Advisory - Prep
8:00-9:25 Language #1
9:25-9:40 Break
9:45-11:10 Language #2
11:15-11:50 Lunch
11:55-12:40 Period 1
12:45-1:30 Period 2
1:35-2:20 Period 3
7:40-7:50 Advisory - Prep
7:50-9:20 Math #1
9:20-9:35 Break
9:40-11:10 Math #2
11:15-11:50 Lunch
11:55-12:40 Period 4
12:45-1:30 Period 5
1:35-2:20 Period 6
7:40-7:50 Advisory - Prep
7:50-8:55 History #1
8:55-9:10 Break
9:15-10:25 History #2
10:30-11:30 Period 1
11:35-12:10 Lunch
12:15-1:15 Period 2
1:20-2:20 Period 3
7:40-7:55 Advisory - Prep
7:55-9:00 Science #1
9:00-9:15 In-class Break
9:15-10:25 Science #2
10:30-11:30 Period 4
11:35-12:10 Lunch
12:15-1:15 Period 5
1:20-2:20 Period 6

April 13-17

MONDAY - April 13
Review causes of the Civil War
Study for tomorrow’s exam
Begin reading Civil War packet

TUESDAY- April 14
Exam - Causes of the Civil War
Finish reading Civil War Packet

THURSDAY - April 16
Civil War battle map - research in text
pp. 483, 485, 489, 501, 507, and online
Civil War Packet Q&A/Def/ID

FRIDAY - April 17- Minimum Day
Civil War Video and Study Guide
Finish Civil War Packet Q&A/Def/ID

NEXT WEEK: Bring your 6th and 7th IN !

Next Week’s Testing Schedule:
MONDAY: Block Periods 1,2,3,4
TUESDAY: Block Periods 5,6,1,2
WEDNESDAY: Block Periods 3,4,5,6

THURSDAY: Testing Day
7:40 - 8:00 Attendance, Test Prep
8:00 -9:25 Language Part 1
9:25-9:40 Snack Break
9:45-11:10 Language Part 2
11:15-11:50 Lunch
11:55-12:40 Period 1
12:45-1:30 Period 2
1:35-2:20 Period 3

FRIDAY: Testing Day
7:40 - 7:50 Attendance, Test Prep
7:50 -9:20 Math Part 1
9:20-9:35 Snack Break
9:40-11:10 Math Part 2
11:15-11:50 Lunch
11:55-12:40 Period 4
12:45-1:30 Period 5
1:35-2:20 Period 6

March 30 - April 3

MONDAY - March 30
Turn in Reform Matrix
Update I.N. / Transfer scores to scoresheet
Lecture: Road to Civil War
Reading packet - Civil War causes
Read, Highlight, Underline, Notes

I.N. Grading and totals
Total I.N. Scores
Finish reading packet on Civil War
Civil War Map
Text reading: pp. 434-459 (review)
1. popular sovereignty
2. Wilmot Proviso
3. sectionalism
4. Free Soil Party
5. Compromise of 1850
6. Fugitive Slave Act
7. Anthony Burns
8. Harriet Beecher Stowe
9. Stephen Douglas
10. Kansas-Nebraska Act
11. Bleeding Kansas
12. Attack on Lawrence, Kansas
13. John Brown
14. Pottawotamie Massacre
15. Charles Sumner
16. Preston Brooks
17. Dred Scott
18. Roger B. Taney
19. Lincoln-Douglas Debates
20. John Brown at Harpers Ferry
21. Election of 1860
22. secession
23. Confederate States of America
24. Jefferson Davis
Text Q&A: p. 461 #8b, 9b, 10a, 11b, 13

FRIDAY - April 3
Video - Causes of the Civil War - fill in study guide

March 23-27

MONDAY ~ March 23
Review Expansion Exams
Crown of Knowledge Awards
I.N. p. 101: Title Page: Manifest Destiny
Read & Highlight: Antislavery Movement Packet

TUESDAY ~ March 24
1. How did the abolitionism movement begin?
2. What colonies/states ended slavery 1774 -1799?
3. Why did the cotton gin increase slavery?
4. Define/Identify: American Colonization Society
5. Define/Identify: Liberia
6. Was the ACS successful? Why or why not?
7. Define/Identify: Lucretia Mott
8. List 4 important facts about William Lloyd Garrison
9. List 8 important facts about Frederick Douglass
10. Define/Identify: Underground Railroad
11. List 8 special terms associated with the Underground Railroad
12. How did Levi Coffin and Harriet Tubman contribute to the Underground Railroad?
Video- Susan B. Anthony
Read & Highlight: Women’s Rights Packet

THURSDAY ~ March 26
1. Describe a woman’s life until 1872
2. What did the Supreme Court say about the role of women in society?
3. What happened in 1840 that caused two women to begin thinking about women’s rights?
4. Name the two women who began the fight for women’s rights in America.
5. What/Where/When: Seneca Falls Convention
6. Define/Identify: Declaration of Sentiments
7. How did Frederick Douglass support the Declaration of Sentiments?
8. Define/Identify: suffrage and suffragette
9. Define/Identify: 19th Amendment
Lectures: Education and Prison Reform

FRIDAY ~ March 27
Matrix: Reform Movements
Video: Intro to the Civil War

March 16 - 20

MONDAY ~ March 16
Video - The California Gold Rush
Take Notes / Discussions

TUESDAY ~ March 17
Review video notes / discussion
Update Interactive Notebook
Review for Exam
(Covers Text pp. 260-331)

THURSDAY ~ March 19
North-South Comparison Matrix
Reading: Civil War Material

FRIDAY ~ March 20
Video: Intro to the Civil War
Notes / Discussions

March 9 - 13

MONDAY ~ March 9
Title page grading / Update I.N.-DUE TOMORROW
Turn in Q&A, Map
Text Reading pp. 308-311. Q&A:
1. “The rush to the West occurred because of a hat” - What does this quote mean?
2. Who was John Jacob Astor and what did he do?
3. What is a “mountain man?”
4. How did demand for beaver fur change in 1840’s?
5. Joseph Smith
6 Mormons
7. polygamy
8. Brigham Young
9. Where did Mormons settle in the west?

TUESDAY ~ March 10
Turn in Monday’s work, Final I.N. Totals
Video - Westward Movement / Take Notes
Land Deals Worksheet
Text Reading pp. 316-325

THURSDAY ~ March 12
Turn in Tuesday’s work
1. What does “manifest destiny” mean and how was this term applied to American expansion?
2. Who were the two presidential candidates in 1844 and which one won?
3. How did the U.S. avoid war with Britain over the Oregon Territory?
4. Why was Mexico angry over Texas annexation?
5. Who were the California vaqueros?
6. Who were the Californios and the Anglos? What caused tension between the two groups?
7. Bear Flag Revolt of CA: Who first led it? What was their goal? How were the Anglos helped by Fremont and Stockton?
8. Describe terms of Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
9. What was the Gadsden Purchase?
Text Reading pp. 326-331

FRIDAY ~ March 13
Turn in Thursday’s work
Read Handouts: Life in the North and in the South
Begin North and South Worksheets

March 2 - 6

MONDAY ~ March 2
Update I.N.
Discuss/Turn in Jackson Cartoon
Reading pp. 288-293 / Q&A:
1. How did Clay try to solve the nullification crisis?
2. Identify: Whig Party and their beliefs
3. Who became President in 1836?
4. What was the Panic of 1837? What caused it?
5. Who won the Presidency in 1840?
Text Reading pp. 294-297

TUESDAY ~ March 3
Turn in Q&A
Lecture: Indian Removal Act -notes
Trail of Tears Worksheets
Review Reading p. 297 / Q&A:
1. Who was Chief Black Hawk of IL?
2. How did the Sauk resistance end?
3. Who was Osceola?
4. Summarize the 2nd Seminole War

THURSDAY ~ March 5
Turn in Q&A and worksheets
Read pp. 298-299; Matrix Wksheet
I.N. p. 88 - Title Page: Age of Jackson
Reading - Westward Expansion
Q&A Westward Expansion

FRIDAY ~ March 6
Turn in Treaty matrix and Q&A
I.N. Title page Grading
Reading - Texas & Mexican Cession
Q&A - Expansion & Cession
Expansion Map of U.S.

February 23-27

All assignments are due the next class meeting unless otherwise noted.
MONDAY ~ February 23
Exam Makeups
Turn in Friday’s Time Line
Review reading pp. 260-263
Finish Am. Foreign Policy Wksht
Lecture: Adams-Onis Treaty -Take notes

TUESDAY ~ February 24
Go over Exam
Lecture: Missouri Compromise-Take notes
Missouri Compromise Map
Text reading pp. 264-267)
Define/Identify: (from pp. 264-267)
1. nationalism
2. national road
3. Erie Canal
4. Era of Good Feelings

THURSDAY ~ Feb. 26
Turn in Missouri Compromise map
Review reading pp. 264-267
6. Who was Henry Clay and why did he want to improve roass and canals?
7. Why did some Congressmen oppose Clay's plan?
8. What was the "Corrupt Bargain" in the 1824 presidential election?
Text reading pp. 280-281 and 284-287
Lecture: Age of Jackson -Take notes

FRIDAY ~ February 27
Review "Age of Jackson"
Jackson -Political Cartoon
Update I.N.

February 17-20

TUESDAY - February 17
Turn in Q&A 246-249 #1-6 - Review
I.N. p. 61 - Unit title page (New Republic)
I.N. p. 76 Talking Heads - War Hawk v. N.E. Federalist
I.N. p. 78 - 1803 Map

THURSDAY - February 19
Open Book Review Quiz
p. 253 #1-5
p. 254 # 8a, 9a, 9b
p. 255 #1-5
Review/Study for Exam
all material from Jan 20 - Feb 17

FRIDAY - February 20
Interactive Notebook Grading
Exam - New Republic
Text Reading pp. 256-257, 260-263
TimeLine Wksht - Early 1800s
American Foreign Policy Worksheet

February 10-13

TUESDAY - February 10
Review Lewis & Clark
Video: “Journey of Sacagawea”
Text Reading pp. 234-239

THURSDAY - February 12
Text Reading pp. 240-245
1. What was the Embargo Act and why was it passed?
2. Name 3 effects of the Embargo Act.
3. Name and describe the act that replaced the Embargo Act.
4. What role did Britain play in the conflict between the U.S. & Indians in the West?
5. Who was Tecumseh? What was his goal for his people?
6. Who was William Henry Harrison and why did he oppose Tecumseh?
7. Who were War Hawks? What was their position about war with Britain? Why?
8. Who were New England Federalists? What was their position about war - why?

FRIDAY - February 13
Interactive Notebook Update
I.N. p. 74
Corps of Discovery Help Wanted Ad
OR Sacagawea Sensory Figure
OR Recipe for an Expedition
Text Reading pp. 246-249
1. U.S.S. Constitution
2. Oliver Hazard Perry & Battle of Lake Erie
3. Jackson & Battle of Horseshoe Bend
4. Jackson & Battle of New Orleans
5. Treaty of Ghent
6. 3 positive results of the War of 1812

February 2-6

MONDAY -February 2
Turn in Friday’s Q&A
Open Book Pop Quiz
Study picture and text pp. 222-223: List 4 predictions or questions you have about next unit
Study the Time Line pp. 224-225: List the 6 events that took place in the U.S. 1800-1805

February 3
Open Book Quiz Makeups
Text Reading pp. 228-232
(You'll have 30 minutes in class Thursday to finish)
1. Name the 4 presidential candidates and their parties in the 1800 election.
2. How did candidates make their views known to the public?
3. What did Adams & Jefferson (and supporters) say about each other during the campaign.
4. How did Jefferson and Burr finally become president and vice president?
5. What was the 12th amendment and why was it passed?
6. What words or phrases in Jefferson’s inaugural address show his desire to unite all Americans, no matter what party they belonged to?
7. What did Jefferson & Congress do about:
a. alien and sedition acts
b. military spending
c. domestic taxes
d. national bank
8. List the 3 PRIMARY functions of the federal government, according to Jefferson.
9. The case of Marbury v. Madison established the power of the _____________to declare
an act of _______ to be _________.

February 5
(30 minutes to finish Tuesday's Q&A)
Grade & Review Q&A
Preview Lewis & Clark’s Corps of Discovery

February 6
Video - Corps of Discovery
Review Lewis and Clark

January 26-30

MONDAY - January 26
Review Hamilton v. Jefferson
Study for Quiz on Hamilton- Jefferson
Text Reading pp. 205-208
1. Describe the 2 sides to the French Revolution and Washington’s reaction.
2. What is a privateer? Why did France want them?
3. Describe the problems that led to Jay’s Treaty. Describe the solution in Jay’s Treaty.
4. Describe problems that led to Pinckney’s Treaty. Describe the solution in Pinckney’s Treaty.

TUESDAY - January 27
Quiz on Hamilton & Jefferson
Grade and turn in yesterday’s Q&A
Text Reading pp. 208-211
5. Describe the conflict in the Northwest Territory.
6. Describe the Battle of Fallen Timbers and the Treaty of Greenville.
7. What was the Whiskey Rebellion and how did it show the strength of the federal government?
8. What warnings did Washington give the new nation in his Farewell Address?

THURSDAY-January 29
Grade and turn in yesterday’s Q&A #5-8
I.N. p. 66 - Talking Heads: Hamilton’s and Jefferson’s opinions of French Revolution
I.N. p. 68 - Plaque & Wanted Poster on General Anthony Wayne OR Little Turtle.
Update Interactive Notebook:
p. 59 - Bill of Rights Quiz
p. 62 - Hamilton-Jefferson T-Chart
p. 63 - Q&A p. 196-199 #1-9
p. 64 - Hamilton-Jefferson Quiz
p. 65 - Q&A p. 200-204 #1-7
p. 66 - Ham/Jeff Talking Heads
p. 67 - Q&A p. 205-208 #1-4
Begin Text Reading pp. 212-215

FRIDAY - January 30
Interactive Notebook checks
Finish Text Reading pp. 212-215
Q&A p. 215 #1c, 2b, 3b, 4

January 20-23

TUESDAY - January 20
Crown Awards / Inauguration / Video
Homework: Reading: Text pp. 196-199
1. electoral college
2. Republican Motherhood
3. precedent
4. cabinet members
5. Judiciary Act of 1789
Answer in Q&A Form:
6. List the 4 members of Washington’s cabinet and the positions they held.
7. What did farmers expect from the new government?
8. What did merchants expect from the new government?
9. Where was the first capital of the U.S.? Why was it located there?

THURSDAY-January 22
Review and Grade Tuesday’s work
I.N. p. 35 - Title page: Constitution
Reading: Text pp. 200-204
1. tariff
2. national debt
3, bonds
4, speculators
5, revenue
6. Loose interpretation of constitution
7. Strict interpretation of constitution

FRIDAY - January 23
Title page grading
Final total Interactive Notebook
Review and Grade previous work
Hamilton/Jefferson Lecture - take note

January 12-16

MONDAY - January 12
Review Constitution
Study for Exam on Constitution
Add to Interactive Notebook

TUESDAY - January 13
Exam - Constitution
Read & Highlight “Bill of Rights” Packet
Bill of Rights Matrix
Add to Interactive Notebook

THURSDAY-January 15 - (Min Day)
Finish Bill of Rights Matrix
Add to Interactive Notebook
Review Bill of Rights for Quiz

FRIDAY-January 16 -
Total and turn in Interactive Notebook
Quiz on Bill of Rights
Reading: Text pp. 196-199
1. electoral college
2. Republican Motherhood
3. precedent
4. cabinet members
5. Judiciary Act of 1789
Answer in Q&A Form:
6. List the 4 members of Washington’s cabinet and the positions they held.
7. What did farmers expect from the new government?
8. What did merchants expect from the new government?
9. Where was the first capital of the U.S.? Why was it located there?

January 5 - January 9

MONDAY - January 5
Turn in wksht:  “Checks & Balances”
Turn in wksht: “3 Branch Diagram”
Preamble recitation this week (BY FRIDAY)
Read text pp 144-148
“Understanding the Constitution” Pckt:
   Read p. 1,  Q&A pp. 2 & 3 (Use text pp. 150-162) - DUE END OF PERIOD TOMORROW

TUESDAY - January 6
Discuss and turn in Q&A p. 148
      “How Laws are Passed” Pckt: 
Read & highlight first 2 pages
      “The Legislative Branch”  - Fill in blanks using the reading and internet to help you

THURSDAY - January 8
Correct & turn in: “The Legislative Branch”
Correct Constitution Q&A - Transfer to chart 
     Read & highight: “Words to Look For” and  amendment summary
     Read & Highlight “Bill of Rights summary”
     Do “For Your Own Protection’ paragraph and illustration
     Do ‘Rights Review” 
     Do “Understanding Bill of Rights”
We are updating the Interactive Notebook on Friday:
Be sure to bring your I.N., ALL assignments, and all preparation materials  (tape, gluestick)

FRIDAY - January 9
Turn in Paragraph & Illustration
Correct / turn in “Rights Review”
Correct / turn in “Understanding Bill of Rights”
LAST DAY to recite Preamble
Interactive Notebook Preparation
Complete I.N. due MONDAY


December 15-19

MONDAY - December 15
Lecture: Understanding the Preamble
Preamble Memorization due January 6
Review Battles of the Revolution,Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Constitutional Convention,Compromises and Tariffs

TUESDAY - December 16
*Read Text p. 129, Define/Identify
*1. Popular sovereignty
*2. federalism
*3. legislative branch
*4. executive branch
*5. judicial branch
*6. checks and balances
*7. unconstitutional

THURSDAY - December 18
*Read Handout: lesson 16 & 17
*A. List in your own words 4 strong reasons Franklin supported the Constitution
*B. List in your own words 4 strong arguments Mason had against the Constitution.
*Define/Identify: C. ratify D. framers E. social contract
*Do Questions #1, 3, 4 on last page of packet

FRIDAY - December 19
*Read handout “Avoiding Tyranny”
* Checks & Balances Worksheet
* 3-Branch Diagram
* Read Textbook pp. 144-148 (you will have time to finish this after Winter Break)

December 8-12

MONDAY -December 8
I.N. Update
Review Revolutionary War Battles & Articles of Confederation
Constitutional Convention Packet:
Read pages 1-4 and discuss
Q&A p. 4 (#1,2,3,4) - Use Q&A Form - due Wednesday

TUESDAY - December 9
Counseling - planning session

THURSDAY - December 11
Discuss & Turn in Monday’s Q&A
Constitutional Convention Packet:
Read pages 5-9 and discuss
Q&A p. 9 (#5,6,7,8) Use Q&A Form - Due Friday

FRIDAY - December 12
Turn in Wednesday’s Q&A
Constitutional Convention Packet
Read pages 11-14 and discuss
Q&A p. 14 (#9, 10, 11, 12) - Use
Q&A Form - Due Friday
Review Handout on Compromises


December 1-5

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

MONDAY - December 1
Review Declaration of Independence
Review for Exam on Causes of Revolution

TUESDAY - December 2
Exam - Causes of Revolution
** Read & Do “Rev. War Battles”
Practice Recitation (due Friday)

THURSDAY - December 4
Grade & Review “Rev. War Battles”
**Text Reading: “We The People” pp. 93-100
**”We the People” Q&A p. 102 #1,2,6
**Practice Recitation (Dec of Ind)
Bring I.N. to next class meeting

FRIDAY - December 5
Recitation due today
I.N. Update
Discuss Opportunity Assignment
** T-Chart: achievements and problems of the Articles of confederation (due Monday)


November 17-21

MONDAY - November 17
Last in-class day to work on Flip Book

TUESDAY - November 18
Turn in Flip Book Project!
Declaration of Independence Pckt
“Join or Die” - due tomorrow
Read & Highlight pages 3 & 4
Check for understanding (see questions in packet)

THURSDAY -November 20
Correct “Join or Die” & turn in
Video: 1776 - Do Film Guide
HW: Declaration of Independence Pckt
Read & Highlight pages 5, 6 & 7
Check for understanding (see questions in packet)

FRIDAY - November 21
Video: 1776 - Do Film Guide
Have a restful & FUN Thanksgiving Week!

November 10-14

Online Flip Chart Directions

Your FLIP CHART PROJECT is due November 18

MONDAY - November 10
Summary Conferences - Rewrites
Directions: How to do the title page
Directions: How to do the bibliography

Project Work -all this week:
make intro page
type final summaries
construct pages
glue in summaries and visuals
do bibliography
prepare for binding

TUESDAY - November 11
HOLIDAY - No School

WEDNESDAY - November 12 (Periods 1,2,3,4)
Same as Monday

THURSDAY - November 13 (Periods 5,6,1,2)

FRIDAY - November 14 (Periods 3,4,5,6)
Same as Monday

November 3-14

Online Flip Chart Directions

Your FLIP CHART PROJECT is due November 18

MONDAY - November 3
Typed summaries due TOMORROW
Quiz: Electoral college & presidential election
VOTE for President
Candidate chart due tomorrow
Continue work on project

TUESDAY - November 4
Turn in summaries
Turn in candidate chart
Work on Project - Prepare visuals and captions

THURSDAY - November 6
Continue project work
Summary conferences /rewrites

FRIDAY - November 7
Lecture: Project construction
If you’re using your own paper, get it by Monday and bring it to class next week
Summary conferences /rewrites

NEXT WEEK - Nov. 10-14

How to do Bibliography & Intro
Project Work:
make intro page
type final summaries
construct pages,
glue in summaries and visuals
do bibliography
prepare for binding

October 27-31

Online Flip Chart Directions

Turn in Project Signature & Grade Signatures - LATE!
Read and take notes for your Flip chart project
You need summaries of FIVE causes/events - due NEXT TUESDAY
I will provide the summary of Lexington & Concord, the 6th event.

Meet the Candidates: as a class you will read, highlight, and discuss
McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden
History Alive Handout
Use reading and class discussion to complete the Campaign Issues Chart. Do the best you can to complete the chart thoughtfully ( DUE at end of period)

Continue research and summaries for Flip Chart Project

Minimum Day & Hppy Halloween
Lecture: Electoral College: what is it and how does it work?

October 20-24

Online Flip Chart Directions

Turn in Project Signature
Turn in Grade Signature
Go over Project Directions
View Project Samples

Begin Project Research
Read and Take Notes:
History Alive Handout
Text: pages 54-80
Classroom Books

I.N. Prep - due tomorrow
Continue Research
Choose 5 events
Begin Summaries

Bring in I.N for Grading
Continue Research
Typed Summaries due Nov. 4


October 13-17

** Indicates work due at next class meeting

Turn in Colony Matrix & Map / I.N. Grading
Exam on Colony Map
**Read & Highlight: “Rights of Colonists”
**Q&A - Complete the following sentences:
1. In the year ______King John signed the ______ which means Great Charter. It
said that the ______ of the King was ______ and not even the King was ______.
2. ______was founded in 1265. It was made up of ______ and became a law-making
body with the power to ______.
3. In 1685, when King _______tried to rule England without ______, he was _____.
This event is called the ______.
4. After James was off the throne, Williamand Mary were made rulers, but only if they
agreed to the ______ which said that the power to ______ and ______ belonged to
the people’s elected ____________.
5. Two specific rights listed in the English Bill of Rights were the right to ______ and the right to ______.
Read Text pp. 54-59 “Life in Colonies” - due Wed.
(stop before “French & Indian War”)

Colony Map Exam Makeups / I.N. Grading
Citizenship Rubric - self-assessment
Turn in Monday’s Q&A/Review English rights
Class lecture: Salutary Neglect - take notes
** Create an Acrostic on Magna Carta OR Salutary Neglect OR English Bill of Rights
**Finish reading pp. 54-59 in text
** Read & highlight “Toward Independence”

I.N. Grading / Turn in Acrostic
Open Book Section Quiz
Lecture/Review: mercantilism, Navigation Acts, Triangular Trade, Middle Passage, Great Awakening, Enlightenment, French & Indian War, Proclamation of 1763, Pontiac’s Rebellion
Intro to Flip Chart Project
Bring pocket folder on Monday

Finish Flip Chart Directions
**Flip Chart pocket folder due on Monday


October 6-10

**Indicates work due at next class meeting

I.N. Grading
Finish Class Lecture - New England Colonies
** I.N. p. 24  Pilgrim Sensory Figure
** I.N. p. 26:  Hero/Wanted poster on Anne Hutchinson or Roger Williams

I.N. Grading
** Read Text pp. 49-51 “Middle Colonies”
** Q&A p. 51 #1a, 2a, 2b, 3b
**Study text  pp. 52-53  Colony Map: Label colonies with 2-letter abbreviations, 
    color New  England BLUE Middle YELLOW    Southern RED

Review Middle Colonies, Turn in Q&A
Grade colony maps
** I.N. p. 28 - Job resume or campaign flyer on William Penn
** Read & highlight handout on 3 regions
** Colonial Region Matrix
** Study colony region map for quiz tomorrow.  For the quiz, you should be able to label a map with the name of each colony.  You should know how to spell each colony and the names of the colonies in each region

Colony Map Quiz
Video - take notes


** Indicates work to finish at home - due next class meeting

US Physical Map Quiz Makeups
Grade & turn in US Phys Geog Q&A and Map
**Finish reading pp. 18-19/Study map on p. 18
**Finish “Columb. Exchng” Q&A #1-7 (see last WWL)
Review Interactive Notebook packet - how to show your understanding of facts and concepts
**I.N. p. 18  “Talking Heads” Columbian Exchange

Turn in Q&A #1-7
I.N. Grading
**Read Text pp. 35-38 “The Southern Colonies”
**Q&A (Be sure to use the Q&A form)
1. What were the advantages and disadvantages of locating Jamestown on a river?
2. Why did many colonists die in the first six months?
3. How did John Smith improve conditions?
4. What crop saved Jamestown from failure?
5. What is an indentured servant?  What kind of labor replaced indentured servants by the mid-1600s?
6. What reasons did Nathaniel Bacon have to burn Jamestown?
**Read Text pp. 39-41
Q&A (Be sure to use the Q&A Form) - due Friday
1. Which colony was established for Catholics?
2. Why was the Toleration Act of 1649 created?
3. Why do you think there were twice as many enslaved Africans as colonists in the Carolinas? 
4. What colony was founded by James Oglethorpe  as a place where debtors could get a fresh start?
5. Describe the economy (how the colonists made  money) of the South.
6. Why was a large work force needed in the Southern economy?  How was this need supplied?
7. What were “slave codes” and why did Southern colonies have them?

Grade and turn in Q&A pp. 35-38
**I.N. p. 20 Jamestown Diary
**Finish Tuesday’s Q&A pp. 39-41
**I.N. p. 22 - Acrostic “S-O-U-T-H-E-R-N colonies”

Class Lecture - New England & Middle Colonies

September 22-26

** I.N. p. 3 - Finish title page for the Geog. unit. Review your lecture notes and I.N. left sides.
Show (in words & visuals) what you learned about basic geography -DUE TOMORROW
Review for Geog Exam - It’s TOMORROW.
**HOMEWORK: Study for Geography Exam:
Location & spelling of continents & oceans
All information on geography pretest
Finding locations using latitude & longitude
All information in lectures & on left sides

Geography Exam
Interactive Notebook Grading
** U.S. Geography Search - Use Textbook pp. R2, R3, R4, R5 to answer U.S. Geography worksheet - DUE FRIDAY

Interactive Notebook Grading
** Finish U.S. Geog. Search using Textbook pp. R2, R3, R4, R5 - DUE FRIDAY
Start U.S.A. Physical Map - Using the answers from the U.S. Geography Search,
place the number of each location on the USA map.
Color Mountains: BROWN
Water: BLUE
Plains, Valleys, Basins: YELLOW ///////

Interactive Notebook Grading
Finish U.S. Geography Map - see Wednesday’s instructions. Turn in today or Monday.
Study the map on p. 18.
Read Text pp. 18-19 “Columbian Exchange”
Q&A - DUE TUESDAY (Use Q&A Form)
1. Define “Columbian Exchange”
2. Name 2 continents in the “new” world.
3. Name 2 continents in the “old” world.
4. Name 6 crops or things that came from the “new” world to the “old” world.
5. Name 6 crops or things that came from the “old” world to the “new” world.
6. Why did many Native Americans die when “old” world explorers came to America?
7. Summarize how the “Columbian Exchange” changed the world.

September 15-19


Finish Friday’s I.N. assignment - DUE TUESDAY
** I.N. p 4 - Top Half of Page: compass rose
** I.N. p. 4 - Bottom Half: Water Cycle”.
Geography Lecture: V & VI (put in I.N. p. 9 & 11)

Interactive Notebook p. 4 graded today
Geog Lecture: VII & VIII (put in I.N. p. 11 & 13)
** World Map - DUE THURSDAY
Label the 7 Continents (spell correctly)
Label the 4 Oceans (spell correctly)
Color the land YELLOW and the water BLUE
Outline and Label the following lines:
Equator Prime Meridian
International Dateline
Tropic of Cancer
Tropic of Capricorn
Lightly shade the “Tropics” in RED

Turn in World Map for grading
Lesson: How to Use Coordinates
**“Using Locators” worksheet - Using a World Atlas, find each
location indicated by the coordinate numbers. DUE FRIDAY
** Review and self-correct your Geog Pretest and put in I.N. p. 12. - DUE MONDAY

Turn in Locator worksheet
Put Graded World Map in I.N. p. 6 - DUE MONDAY
** I.N. p. 10 - DUE MONDAY
Top 1/2 of Page: Draw 2 globes
Show & label longitude on one globe.
Show & label latitude on the other
Bottom 1/2 of Page: Draw 2 globes.
Show & label Northern & Southern hemispheres on one globe.
Show & label Western & Eastern hemispheres on the other
** I.N. p. 3 - Title page for the Geog. unit. Review your lecture notes and I.N. left sides.
Show (using words and visuals) what you’ve learned about basic geography -DUE TUESDAY

September 8-12

Due Date for Syllabus Signatures
Turn in Promotion Activity Signatures
Take History Pretest
**Set Up Interactive Notebook
        Name Sticker on Cover
        Number pages - right sides have ODD
        numbers, left sides have EVEN numbers.  
Review Policies and Procedures
Begin - How to use Q&A Form 

Discuss History Pretest
INs checked for page numbers  
Finish - How to use Q&A Form
** Textbook Q&A #1-10 DUE THURSDAY
    Use textbook to answer questions #1-10.
    Use “Q&A Form.”  Number your answers.
Do not copy the questions. 
Your paper will be graded on your form and your answer. 
It must be legible and in ink or typed. 
If you want to go on beyond #10, start a new paper for #11-23. 

Turn in HW - Questions #1-10
Geography Pretest
Geography Lecture I, II (Put on I.N. p. 5)
** Textbook Q&A - Finish the assignment -  do questions #11-23.   DUE FRIDAY. 

Turn in Textbk Q&A assignment
Finish Geography Lecture I, II (I.N. p. 5)
Lecture: Geography III, IV  (I.N. p. 7)
**I.N. page 4:  (due MONDAY, end of period)
   Top Half: Neatly draw, color, and label a compass rose including all 8 points. 
   Bottom Half: Neatly show “water cycle.” 
          Your colored illustration should be titled “Water Cycle,” should have the words: “precipitation,”and “evaporation,” and should have arrows to explain the process.


First Week: SEPTEMBER 2-6

Welcome back! Congratulations - You are now mighty 8th Graders. YAY.

Here's your homework for the first week:

1. Take home your syllabus for U.S. History. Go over it with your parents. Have them sign it and fill in the information at the bottom. Return it ASAP.

2. Purchase the materials that are listed on the syllabus. Get them NOW.

3. Take home your envelope from advisory class.

Ask your parents to fill out all the forms.

Return folder NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 8. That's next MONDAY!

If you participate in the "Free/Reduced Lunch program, you need to bring the form back ASAP.

4. Listen to your teachers and follow directions.

WEEK TWO- September 9-14 - Check this next week for assignments!

MONDAY September 9

TUESDAY - September 10

WEDNESDAY - September 11

FRIDAY - September 14 -