Thurgood Marshall Middle School

6th Grade Social Studies Syllabus

Mrs. Nancy Spaeth

Room B-203

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(858)-549-5400 ext. 2223


Social Studies

Social Studies skills and conceptual understanding will be developed through the use of a variety of materials and teaching methods. Our textbooks by Holt and TCI do an excellent job with an overview of the ancient world and applications to modern life.  Students will have homework nightly and occasionally on the weekend because of our block schedule. Tests and quizzes will be administered at regular intervals.  You can review the 6th grade standards for all subjects at


Grading Policy:


Homework/Class work                                                           45 %

Tests                                                                                        45%

Participation                                                                              9%

Grade Checks                                                                            1%                                                                            


Test and Quiz Retakes

Any student who scores below 70% on a test or quiz may re-take that test for 75% at the most.  The re-take must be within two weeks of the original test




Late homework WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED for full credit for any other reason other than an excused absence. Skills build each day and it is my expectation that students will complete all assignments on time.


Homework is due as assigned and late assignments will only be accepted for one week after the due date (please note that homework is counted as less than full credit if late). It is expected that homework is ready when a student walks into class.  No name papers will receive half-credit.  Students will not be permitted to call home for homework assignments.  All homework assignments are to be written in the studentÕs planner and parents are asked to review the planner nightly.  You may also check my website calendar to view nightly homework assignments.





It is expected that all students arrive to class on time and prepared to learn with a positive attitude and have all necessary materials. The Mustang Code of Conduct is the code by which all Marshall students are to conduct themselves and is carried in the studentÕs planner.


Discipline Policy


Students are expected to be kind, respectful and to work cooperatively in class. The following rules are posted in class:


Follow rules when given

One person allowed to speak at one time

Be seated and prepared when the bell rings

Stay Seated

No food, drink (water is OK) or gum


First Offense:              Warning

Second Offense:          20 minute after school detention the following day

Third Offense:             Detention/possible referral/phone call home

Fourth Offense:           Conference with parent and counselor


Positive behavior and attitude are reward both verbally and good academic and citizenship grades


Supply List


Each student is REQUIRED to bring the following to school each day:



            One 3 subject spiral notebook

Colored pencils (Crayola Twistables are perfect and do not need sharpening)

Pencils (many!!!)

Pencil sharpener with lid

Glue stick

Scissors (small)


Checking on Grades


You may check your childÕs grades for my class by applying for a Parent Connection password.  Simply go to the Marshall Middle School website, click on Parent Connection and print the application form. Your child can turn the form and a self addressed stamped envelope into me and I will pass it on to our Site Technician, Mrs. Chalupsky. Mrs. Chalupsky will mail your password to you as quickly as she can.  Once you have a password, you can view the on-line grades by clicking on Parent Connection from the schoolÕs website.  I will also send home weekly grade checks, which need to be returned by the end of the week.



Important:  Return This Page


Please detach this page, fill in the required information and return it to Mrs. Spaeth as soon as possible.


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E-mail Address*                     ________________________________________________



*E-mail is the easiest way to keep in contact with me.  If necessary, you may give me more than one E-mail address.





I have read and gone over the syllabus for Mrs. SpaethÕs 6th Grade Social Studies class.


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