Ms Niedzwiecki & World History

Research Process:
Source: NHK, SKT “Dark Castle or Khara Khoto”
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1) To gain an understanding of the Silk Road and the geography of China
2) To ask questions based on historians point of view
You are a historian who is assigned to research the Silk Road. One of the sources you will use is a video entitled, “Dark Castle or Khara Khoto.” Your job is to think like a historian and answer the questions below and also determine the dollar amount for each of the questions that are listed below. You also must develop three questions of your own and assign a $1, $10 or $20 amount to each of your questions.
1. $ _____ Where is the Dark Castle located?


2. $ ______ Describe the Gobi desert.


3. S ______ Why are camels so important to people crossing the Gobi desert?
(give at least THREE reasons)


4. $ _______ Explain the legend of the Dark Castle.


5. $ _______ In what ways would the Silk Road have made connections to the world during the Middle Ages?


6. $ _______ Based on the video, would you want to travel along the Silk Road inthe Middle Ages? Why or Why not? ( 50 words) (use the back if you need to)





7. Develop three questions based on the information from the video and determine the
what the dollar amount is for each question. Write your questions below and on the back
1. $ _______


2. $ ________

3. $ ________


4. $________


5. $________