Ms Niedzwiecki & World History

China Essay and group guide/Check list

Your job is to research a topic on China that is listed on the topic sheet and then complete all the requirements listed below. All topics correspond to the state standards for 7th grade Social Studies for the unit on China.

1) _____ Write daily reflections on the research process in your journal books (30 points).
- reflections must include reflections of 1) sources 2) research process 3)topic
2) _____ Complete at least 4 source handouts-2 book sources and 2 internet sources(20 points)
3)______ Take notes in outline form. Notes must include sources (title, author, year of
publication, pg #’s or web address). These notes your standard group will present/
teach the class (20 points).
4) ______ Write an essay on your topic that answers the question (80 points):
Did _____________influence change and connect China to the world during the
Middle Ages? Why? or Why not?

*Essay must include a rough draft form using the essay guide sheet
(10 points).
- parent signature on rough draft
-peer signature on rough draft

Essay will be graded on:
1) Is the essay written in the correct form?
- Introduction, Body, and Concluding Paragraph
2) Are there any spelling of grammar errors?
3) Is each paragraph written in paragraph form?
-see rough draft form for specific criteria
4) Did you prove the Main Idea of your essay?
5) Did you document your sources throughout the essay and in correct form?
6) Did you complete a Reference page? (at least 2 book sources and 2 internet soures)
7) Did your paper have depth and clarity?
5) ______ Quiz on sub-questions based on class presentations (40 points)

Due Date for daily reflections: daily
Due Date for essay: Period 1 and 2 Feb.23 and Period 4,5,6 Feb.24
Due Date for standard group outline: Feb.28
Presentations: Feb.28-March 3rd
Quiz: March 4th