Ms Niedzwiecki & World History

Lecture Notes

What does a Historian do?
-researches and analyzes past events
What is the Big Idea?
-the concept all essential questions and sub-questions lead or connect to
-China: How did the people of China contribute to the development of an interconnected world during the Middle Ages?
How do we learn more?
research essential questions using sub-questions
gather sources
What type of sources?
books, magazines, newspapers, websites, photographs, interviews, documentary’s
Where are these sources located?
Library, internet, people, video
How am I going to research my sub-question?
Process of historical discovery
point of view (historian)---->
ask questions---->
research sources---->
gather facts--->
discover answer to sub-?

1) choose topic
2) brainstorm 1, 10, 20 dollar questions
3) research sources
4)complete source handouts/gather facts
5) discover/analyze the facts

How am I going to present the information I learned?
-historical essay
-teach the class