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Roller Coaster
Science Photos:
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Bonding with
Marshmellow Photos:
part a : pd 1&2
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Cabbages in Chemistry
pd: 1,2,3
pd: 5, 6

Regional Science Fair Boards

Organic Chemistry Labs
Fats and Starches
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Pd 5 & 6

Natural Vs Synthetic Fibers
(The Burning Lab!)

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Pd 3
Pd 5 & 6 (part a)
Pd 5& 6 (part b)

Fun with Newton!
Pd 1-2-3: part a / part b
pd 5-6: part a / part b

Fun Times at the Zoo
photos by Mrs Gillum: part a / part b
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Photos by Joey
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photos by Jeff
photos by Melissa

photos by Kaila : part 1 / part 2

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Scripps Ranch Lacrosse Team vs Poway 5/15/06
Photos 1
Photos 2
Photos 3
Photos 4

State Science Fair 06

Fun at JPL with Ms Retter's Class

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